Large Color Filling Crocus All Jeanne d' Arc White 40 pc.

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In your borders, flowerbeds, rock gardens, containers, under trees, amongst your groundcovers, or even in your lawns, just about anywhere in the garden they will perform! Crocuses are probably the most flexible and easiest of all the spring flowers and therefore should be in every garden seeking stress-free gratification as soon as the snow has melted and the spring sunshine has arisen. Also, one of the very first flowers to bloom, your crocuses will begin sprouting before winter has finished and they will remain in bloom during springtime. Crocuses definitely look the best when planted by the handful and that is why Roberta’s Color Filling Crocus Collection is comprised of 45 bulbs, with 15 bulbs from three different varieties. This way, after you’ve planted in the fall, you can hibernate through winter with the gleeful expectation of a truly breathtaking colorful spring ahead. Includes 15 bulbs each: Orange Monarch, Remembrance, Pickwick

  • SKU: R50821 / Perennial
  • Botanical Name: Crocus vernus, Crocus olivieri balannsae
  • Common Name: Giant Dutch Crocus, Snow Crocus
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-9, Cold Tolerance: -40F
  • Sun-Shade: Full to Part Sun
  • HT/WD: 4-6 inches / 2-4 inches
  • Bloom Time: Late Winter to Early Spring
  • Cultivar: 15 each bagged separately: Remembrance, Pickwick, and Orange Monarch
  • Special: Colorful, cheery blossoms; nice variety within set; easy to grow; dependable coming back each season with more vigor and color; beneficial for pollinators
  • Uses: Perennial garden or border, cottage gardens, edging a walkway, in between late summer flowering perennials
  • Growing Guide: Crocus
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  • Details
    • Garden Uses:
    • Mature Height:
      Less than 6 inches
    • Mature Width:
    • Bloom Time:
    • Light Needs:
    • USDA Zones:
      Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
    • Colors:
    • Ships as:
    Additional Information
    With 15 bulbs of each variety, you can expect 1-3 flowers per bulbs, up to 150 flowers per collection in the first season, but even more every year thereafter. Remembrance is a deep, lovely violet crocus with the classic crocus shape that is beloved the world over. Over time these Dutch crocuses, which are larger than other crocuses, will naturalize in your garden creating a wonderfully rich spring flower season year after year. Next is Pickwick, my favorite of the group. Pickwick puts on a gorgeous display of white flowers with cool blue stripes all of which is accentuated with vibrant yellow anthers. This is a crocus you will anxiously wait for every winter. Finally is Orange Monarch, a royal addition to Roberta’s Crocus Collection that blooms slightly earlier than the other two. Generally each of the Orange Monarch’s bulbs will produce 3 flowers, meaning flowers in profusion starting the very first year. They naturalize seamlessly, spreading little by little each year and bring more flowers every passing year as well. Crocuses are one of the easiest plants to grow and should be planted in large groups; they do exceptionally well along the borders and edges of the home, areas that have historically been unloved. Roberta’s Crocus Collection will transform those areas to sites full of color and joy starting the first year, but this joy will only increase with passing time. Simply put, a one-time planting of these crocuses will bring your garden happiness for years to come, without any additional work on your behalf. That is why we love them.

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